It's very, very simple: object to science and you can piss off back to a cave.

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6 Things You Won't Believe Science Can Do With DNA

Everybody knows that DNA is a double-helix, which means they're way behind what science is able to do now.
If MC Escher built things that actually worked

DNA technology is the ultimate proof of both of those words: we're looking at things that took billions of years to evolve, and because it did such a good job we're now able to do an even better one. Because 
while fearmongers were busy whining about scientists playing God, those scientist have moved on to playing Lego.

The 9 Most Amazing Lasers Right Now

Lasers are how science is cutting that edge you hear about. It’s the fastest moving science in the last century (a little speed of light joke), and is awesome.

I have two degrees in laser physics from my previous life as an academic, so this one was a lot of fun! That’s probably also why they straightened out a couple of my nerdiest lines, probably for the best. I include my favorite below as a tumblr bonus:

The group sending nuclear-powered laser robots and hoping Martians don’t have a J’onn Connor.

The 7 Most Mind-Blowing Places Science Has Discovered Life

Solid rock, frozen in time, the shattered heart of Chernobyl - not just musical genres (probably), but places we’ve found life. My original title didn’t include the word science because of course everything awesome we do is scientific. Luckily the editors realized that

a) A lot of people somehow don’t know that

b) We should fix the ridiculousness of a) every day.

Read, and behold!