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This wasn't even the biggest, and it's literally (and multiply) a Giant Dick Move
Funeral crashing, robbing a real-money bank (after inventing it), and killing God. Fun times!

Every once in a while comics remember that mutation is normally horrible and life-threatening.

Virtuality reverses the polarity of spiked bats and chainsaws from "Horror" to "HELL YEAH!"

He-Man sternly tells kids there's no magic solution to all their problems, then even more sternly refuses to disappear in a puff of hypocrisy.

You tell me the last time you saw a world leader use martial arts, sextuple the economy, or lie to the people in a way they like.

The destruction of my homeland helps me counter the idiots who claim to be Irish every year! (It may not have been worth it.)

There's a reality show which encourages people to breed with Tila Tequila, and it didn't even make the list. That's how badly civilization and even evolution are being reversed.
No guys, you're meant to CULL the weak, not ... actually, what are you doing with him?

Read and be horrified.

The most popular videogames are entirely based on killing things, and now they can see us and move in the real world. There is no way this could backfire.

Apparently Italian elections are a "World's Most Misogynist Man" competitions (with a cash-grabbing bonus round, like the Crystal Maze.)

They're both SO BAD, but for very different reasons

Have you been having sex and thinking "Man, there just isn't enough wiring or glassware involved here?" Of course not, because you're still alive and unarrested. Here we see seven men who looked at human genitals and thought "I can do better than that!"

Sniper rifles start a lot of arguments online, the exact opposite of their function in the real world. We look at insane worlds where shooting each other in the face can be made "fair".

Science Goes To Your Head (TAPS magazine)

TAPS Winter 2010/11 lays down the science of beer foam, foamy physics as unexpected as they are beautiful.

The Rise And Fall of Call of Duty (Lowpings)
One of the most popular shooting-people-in-the-face simulators in history has had its ups and downs.
If you can spot the pattern, well done on being smarter than Activision.  They fired the guys behind the green bits.

Videogames aren't above the worst ending technique since "and then I swallowed the grenade." I discuss eight examples of writers who had five minutes to finish the story and spent four of those working out which way round pens go.  Though it does involve one of the toughest imaginary characters in history - one so badass he's a figment of his own imagination because none of the other pansies could be trusted with it.